How Being A Workaholic Can Kill You!

By: Aanchal Chaudhary | July 05, 2024

As a burnout scholar, Christina Maslach popularly said, "A workaholic will die before an alcoholic."

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While many people believe that being a workaholic is productive, there is actually a big difference between being productive and being a workaholic.

Researchers have also shown the negative effects of being a workaholic, stating that it can lead to stress-induced blood clots and heart attacks.

Additionally, longer working hours can lead to stress, anxiety, and body burnout, significantly impacting mental and physical well-being.

We often fail to realize that our brain also needs breaks. Over-stimulating your mind can negatively affect your brain health.

Extreme work habits can lead to poor nutrition, further impacting our overall physical health and increasing susceptibility to viral illness.

If you are genuinely worried about being a workaholic, seek professional help today! Learn to balance life by equally enjoying your time and practising self-care.

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