Have Pear-Shaped Body? Take Cues From Mrunal Thakur's Trendy Wardrobe

By: Aanchal Chaudhary | April 28, 2024

"I have a pear-shaped body", Mrunal Thakur recently declared and she has now embraced her body type, despite constantly being trolled and pulled down for it

All photos from Instagram | Mrunal Thakur

A pear-shaped body type means having bigger thighs and hips than shoulders and bust. Here, your shoulder and bust are smaller than your hips and thighs, giving a pear shape silhouette

The Sita Ramam star once said in a Times Now interview, "I was called Matka by trolls". She has opened up about her struggle with losing weight in her lower body due to her pear-shaped body type.

She seems to have now embraced her body type, setting fashion goals for other pear-shaped girlies. From bodycon dresses to traditional attire, she likes dressing up in her own way

The actor flaunts her body on social media and motivates others to accept themselves just the way they are

She took pride in her body shape and stopped feeling bad for having a pear-body shape; rather she now poses in style while flexing her svelte figure

The Jersey actor has now broken stereotypes and given many girls the confidence to be proud of their body shape and type

You can wear anything and everything; don't let your body stop you. It's beautiful and you own it.