Have A Healthy Sunday Embracing The Goodness Of Boiled Corn

By: Rahul M | March 03, 2024

Corn serves as a good source of antioxidant carotenoids that promote eye health.

It's a delightful ingredient that can spice up any recipe, be it a veggie meal or a non-veg one.

It is often said that one shouldn't eat them raw and prefer boiling them before consumption.

That's simply for the fact that it is best enjoyed so alongside a pinch of salt and masala.

Boiled corn is super healthy and assists an individual to keep up with their fitness goals.

If you stick to eating a bowl of boiled corn with rice each morning, you will reportedly be able to manage your weight better.

Boiled corn is best enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon, and it is beneficial in improving vision and memory.

Also, the starchy vegetable which is low in calories and high in fiber aids digestion and bowel movements.

Health reports suggest that corn is good for your heart. The phytosterol content in it reduces the risk of heart disease.

So, you may say corn a day keeps a doctor away! However, stay alert if you are corn intolerant.