From Avocado To Orange, 7 Foods That Can Reduce Anxiety

By: Rahul M | June 02, 2024

Avocado contains Vitamin B, which can help reduce anxiety. Research suggests that Vitamin B-rich food can lower anxiety symptoms.

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Anxiety is triggered by hormones like dopamine and serotonin in the central nervous system. Egg yolks contain Vitamin D, which supports the nervous system and calms stress and anxiety.

In a 2018 study, it was found that college students felt energetic, calmer and happier after eating more green leafy vegetables. There's still more research to be done on its effect on anxiety, but it does give a positive and lifted mood.

Calcium-rich foods like milk, yoghurt and other dairy products can help lift your mood and calm anxious feelings.

Blueberries are a a great fruit to reduce stress and anxiety.

Various evidence suggests that the nutrient properties of nuts and seeds can lower anxiety.

Orange contains Vitamin C and other antioxidant properties that improve mood and stress in the body.