Explained: Why was Japan's goal allowed against Spain, despite ball crossing the baseline? in pics

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 02, 2022

Spain took the lead through Alvaro Morata and were cruising to victory

Japan however, staged a stunning comeback after the break as Ritsu Doan’s powerful strike drew them level

Then Ao Tanaka turned the scoreline, group and stirred controversy with the winning goal

The on-field officials initially ruled it had gone out of play before Tanaka scored, but VAR corrected the decision

Experts have opined that even though the ball appeared beyond the touchline, it's tangent was inside the permissible limit

Thereby a part of the ball was in-line with the touchline, prodding the officials to give it a goal

FIFA said that the "curvature of the ball" remained in, hence the ball was not out of play at that moment

IFAB the body that sets laws of the game said that "when the ball is out it has to wholly pass over the goal line or touchline on the ground or in the air"

Japan held on to clinch a 2-1 victory and claim top spot in the group