Deepika Padukone Pregnancy: Yoga Poses For Expectant Mothers Inspired By Pathan Actress' Fitness Routine

By: Rahul M | February 29, 2024

Earlier on February 29, actress Deepika Padukone hinted her fans and followers about her pregnancy in an Instagram post.

On this note, let's take note of her yoga-based fitness routine that serves as an inspiration for to-be mothers.

Virabhadrasana helps tone and comfort the lower back which receives pressure due to baby belly.

The Eagle Pose or Garudasana is highly recommended during the early months of pregnancy as it improves blood circultion, flexibility and body balance.

Camel pose when done gently gives relief from backache which is a common concern in expectant mothers.

The Namaskara pose which marks the start of Sun salutations in yoga is one of the asanas that calm your mind and body.