Curd Is Good For You! Know Its Amazing Health Benefits

By: Rahul M | March 05, 2024

Has your mother often given you some 'dahi chini' before you step out of home for work? That's because she knows how beneficial curd is for you.

Whether consumed alone or stirred as a recipe, curd does wonders for your body and health.

The probiotics in curd boost immunity and reduce the risk of common colds and flu.

Enzymes like lactase present in dairy products aid in digestion.

Studies have also suggested that curd controls blood sugar and helps in managing diabetes.

Importantly, curd is a great cooling agent and it relaxes your body.

Either having it thick or mixing it with water, it serves as a great summer drink.

Some of the other benefits of curd include bone strength, supporting bowel movements, and enhancing blood flow and skin health.

However, eating too much curd along with other milk products must be avoided.

Also, one must refrain from having curd before bedtime as doing so is said to block nasal passages with mucus secretions.