Celebs Who Are Banned At Met Gala: From Zayn Malik To Donald Trump

By: Sachin T | May 08, 2024

Every year, the biggest names of the global entertainment and fashion industry assemble under one roof for the coveted Met Gala in New York. But did you know, several biggies are also banned from attending the event?

In 2016, Zayn Malik had attended the Met Gala with his then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, however, he was banned later after he stated in an interview that he would be rather be home "doing something productive than dressing up in really expensive clothes and being photographed"

Lili Reinhart of Riverdale fame attended the gala in 2022, but after criticising Kim Kardashian's rapid weight loss to fit into an archival Marilyn Monroe dress at the event, she had herself predicted that she might not be invited ever again. "I said a certain something about a certain person in a certain dress," she had reasoned

Former US President is the one person that Met Gala organiser Anna Wintour would "never invite" to the event and she had herself announced this on The Late Late Show in 2022

Amy Schumer made her Met debut in 2016, but post the event, she had said in an interview, "I don’t like the farce. We’re dressed up like a bunch of f***ing a**holes. I don’t like it. I have no interest in fashion."

Demi Lovato was banned from attending the event after she had said that she related more to homeless people than the people at Met Gala after being a guest there in 2016. However, looks like the fire has died down and she was seen gracing the red carpet of Met Gala 2024

After attending the Met Gala, Tina Fey had called the event a 'jerk parade' in 2015. "Every jerk from every walk of life is there wearing some stupid thing," she had said, that got her banned.

Rachel Zoe was banned from the event after she had blatantly stated that she was "more influential" than Anna Wintour