Celebrate Cinema Lovers Day With Hilarious Memes Inspired By Your Favourite Films

By: Swarna Srikanth | February 23, 2024

Memers will agree that Cinema Lovers Day isn't just about watching movies, but also about sharing memes from hilarious scenes.

As we celebrate this day on February 23, take a look at a few memes you can circulate and enjoy being a film enthusiast.

While this is one of the iconic scenes in the history of films, it is also a widely used meme template.

Another meme that never fails to impress netizens is the one that says "Aao kabhi haveli pe."

Then comes this Rajinikanth-inspired meme that is often used when someone does something unexpected.

What if you are too furious, but can't really express your anger out loud? Calm down with this meme from movie 'Welcome.'

How about being asked to work out when your back really hurts? That's when you say like Pushpa: "Main Jhukega Nahi."

Reflecting on moments when someone broke your trust, "Oye chuna laga diya" meme gets too relatable.

Before we end listing these hilarious memes that take inspiration from the cinemas, cheers to this classic one.

Movies have given several memes to people and made them laugh wholeheartedly. So, here's one last one for you.