Celebrate Chocolate Day With This Amazing Cocktail

By: Swarna Srikanth | February 09, 2024

It's Valentine's Week 2024, the season of love. February 9 is Chocolate Day. Not wanting to celebrate it sober? We have you covered.

You may ask the mixologist at the pub for a special drink to mark the occasion or try out preparing something yourself at the home bar.

You may enjoy a cocktail that beautifully blends the flavour of chocolate with the essence of whisky.

The recipe involves white chocolate which is known for improving digestion.

You would need 30 ML of white chocolate syrup which you would add to prepare a delectable drink.

The preparation takes into account 50 ML Jim Beam White, 25 ML Fresh lemon juice, and a few (4-5) mint leaves.

Throwing light on the recipe, Beam Suntory suggests adding Jim Beam White, lemon juice, mint, and white 20 ML chocolate syrup to shaker.

The next step: Shake well and strain into a chilled coupe glass coated with the remaining chocolate syrup.

Then, garnish it with a piece of white chocolate before you sip it.

Cheers to the celebration as you enjoy the chocolate-based cocktail. Happy Chocolate Day.