Blue Pottery: Anant Ambani's Pre-Wedding Event To Have Live Demo Of This Art Form; All About This Jaipur's Traditional Art

By: FPJ Web Team | February 29, 2024

Blue Pottery is one of the symbols of Jaipur's rich cultural heritage and the highlight of their art.

The traditional art of the region refers to the use of cobalt blue dye which gives the pot its beautiful colour.

Did you know? This pottery form has a Geographical Indication GI tag. It was registered in 2006 with support from NABARD.

While these artworks can be witnessed as one visits Jaipur, Anant Ambani's pre-wedding event will feature a live demo of it.

Well-known blue pottery artist Garima Saini would attend the celebrations and give guests a live view of the beautiful art.

One must note that blue pottery isn't restricted to pots, but extends its creativity to other ceramics and materials too.

From plates, water bottles, to tea cups, several articles are prepared with a touch of blue pottery design.