Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Grass Tea In Monsoons

By: Rahul M | June 11, 2024

Lemon Grass provides multiple health benefits. It helps in reducing inflammation in the body which can the root cause of many diseases.

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Lemon Grass also has the ability to reduce anxiety. Lemon Grass's essential oil can help people to relieve stress and anxiety.

Consuming Lemon Grass tea can help in lowering cholesterol levels in your body.

Lemon Grass also has the ability to boost your immune system, providing you protection against

Lemon Grass boosts oral health. Chewing on the stalks of lemon grass helps in keeping you mouth clean.

Consuming lemon grass regularly can help in increasing the red blood cells in your body.

Consuming lemon grass tea can stimulate kidney to release more urine than usual, that might provide you relief from bloating.