Belly Fat Workout: Fitness Mantra For A Flat Tummy Within 9 Days

By: Rahul M | February 27, 2024

What if we say that you can achieve your fitness goals in less than ten days with intense workouts and dietary modifications?

If belly fat has been your worry for a long time, it's time to kill it and slay the fit way.

All you need to do is keep a check on your food intake and exercise effectively to burn the extra fat.

Milind Usha Soman

Ready to flaunt your fit tummy in the next few days? It calls for determination and hard work.

Go for some battling rope workouts to stiffen and strengthen yourself. Embrace a 20-minute schedule of alternative waves and jumping slams.

Next, do about 50 squats a day with some basic weight in your hands - a 1L water bottle would do to improve focus on your tummy and hip region and get an even tone.

Your intense workout session must include a good number of crunches, starting from about 25 a day to increasing it to a max. of 80.

These belly fat reduction methods can be clubbed with a run or jog, preferably on an empty stomach.

Along with exercises you also need to work on what you consume through these days. Your fitness mantra should revolve around avoiding cold drinks and sugary preparations.

To hydrate yourself amidst a painful and strenuous workout, sip hot water which may be accompanied with basil leaves or green tea extracts.