#AskSRK: Best replies by Shah Rukh Khan

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 04, 2023

On January 4, Shah Rukh Khan conducted #AskSRK session on Twitter as he completes 13 years on the micro-blogging platform

Photo by ANI

Here are some of his interesting replies

An SRK fan asked him about his upcoming film Jawaan's teaser along with Pathaan. To this the he responded, "Kyon…it’s not get one free with the other scheme mere bhai…."

Another fan asked SRK to have a dance number with Vijay Sethupathi on 'Vaathi Coming'. Replying to this, Shah Rukh wrote, "Aur koi script suggestion???"

A Twitter user asked SRK to share an OTP to which the actor gave a funny reply. "I am so famous that I don't get OTP, vendors just send me the goods when I order," he tweeted

A fan asked the actor to watch Pathaan along with him. To this SRK replied, "25 January ko main thoda busy rahunga…maybe when u go to see it third time will come along…"

A fan questioned SRK, why does Alia Bhatt call the actor just SR? Commenting on this, SRK wrote "Could mean sweet & romantic or maybe senior & respected or maybe just shah rukh"

Taking a jibe at this, Alia Bhatt said, "More like sweet and respected :) But from 25th Jan I’m going to switch to calling you Pathaan See I’m so creative na". To Alia's this response, SRK replied, "I am now going to call u lil Amma Bhatt Kapoor!"

A user asked SRK to take retirement and called his film Pathaan a 'disaster'. Replying to his tweet, SRK wrote, "Beta badhon se aise baat nahi karte!!"

A user also asked the actor for his monthly salary and SRK's reply to this has already won many hearts. The Pathaan actor wrote, "Pyaar Beshumaar kamata hoon….har din"