Anti-Tobacco Day 2024: 7 Ways To Quit Smoking

By: Rahul M | May 30, 2024

Firstly, you need to find a powerful reason to quit. You need to have a very personal reason to quit so that you remember that every time you wish to smoke another one.

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Smoking is an addiction. Just deciding to smoke and throwing away all your cigarettes wont help. You have to know that you will have withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Consult a doctor to help you with the withdrawal.

When you stop smoking, you might get headaches, mood swings and loss of appetite due to low nicotine. You can chose to go for a nicotine replacement therapy. There are gums, lozenges and patches of nicotine available in the market to help you quit.

It is necessary to have supportive people around. When you tell them that you're trying to quit smoking, they can help you control your temptations before you light a cigarette.

Find new addictions that wont harm your body in any way. People generally smoke to unwind and relax. Try to find new ways to relax. Try to avoid being in stressful situations in the initial weeks of quitting smoking.

Avoid Triggers. Smoking is usually paired with drinking alcohol. When you drink, you cannot control the urge to light up a cigarette. Avoid such triggers.

Know the positive health benefits of quitting cigarette. Smoking causes heart problems, strokes and cancers at a young age. When you quit smoking, you body automatically starts to heal, making you fitter, each day.