Anant Ambani Pre-Wedding: Look Into Art-Inspired Sets Of The Gala Celebration

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 04, 2024

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities bloomed with a splash of colours. It saw a mesmerising display of blue and pink flowers coupled with a central fountain, setting the stage for a grand celebration.

Designer Manish Malhotra and his team envisioned a captivating ‘Valley of Gods’ within the temple complex, a visual ode to capture the Vedic era.

Nita Ambani’s artistic vision and Manish Malhotra’s creative approach transformed the venue into an elegant seating with a blend of lights, flowers and furniture.

Jamnagar’s scenic charm deeply influenced every part of the venue. The creation seamlessly blended the modern and traditional elements.

Every corner was dreamy and elegant forming a visual symphony that left an enduring impression.

The art took inspiration from India itself and captivated people with its delicate colour palette and themes, forming a spectrum of emotions and memories.

The Mela Rouge set dazzled in red and gold creating a grand spectacle for the eyes.

A dreamy , mesmerizing set adorned with red roses and golden lights set the stage for an enchanting celebration that captivates the heart.

The fountain of red roses intertwined with dazzling lights casting a glow over a luxurious seating area. The backdrop completed the compression of elegance in this grand set.

In the embrace of golden light, the horse became a majestic silhouette that completed the grand set.

All images sourced from Instagram/Manish Malhotra