Alternatives To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

By: Amisha Shirgave | May 04, 2024

It is natural to have sugar cravings and it is also okay to satisfy those cravings but in the long run, it will always be beneficial to go for healthier options. Fruits are natural candies and a fruit can always satiate your sweet tooth while providing you additional nutrients.

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Greek Yoghurt is a healthy alternative to fulfill your cravings. It is rich in protein and calcium. It is available in various fruit flavors, which definitely satiates your ravings.

Dates are sweet, natural and qualify for a perfect craving. They're highly nutritious and can be had as a snack.

People mostly crave chocolates to satiate their sugar cravings. Well, Dark Chocolate is the best option for you. It contains more than 70% cocoa which does not add to more calories. It also has antioxidant properties.

Sweet Potatoes have hidden benefits that very few people are aware of! It tastes sweet and also has nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.

Snack Bars are made of various healthy ingredients such as granola, seeds and dried berries which make for perfect sugar alternative.

Chia Pudding is another fulfilling alternative for your cravings. They swell up in jelly like structure and keep you away from more cravings.

Choco Chip Oats Cookies is your go to option for a healthy snack. It is made of out of oats and dark chocolate chips and no added sugar.

Sugar Free Mints or Gums are a great alternative for your cravings. They're sweet, have negligent calories and wont leave you craving more sugar.