Alka Yagnik To Chris Martin: Singers Who Suffered Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

By: Sachin T | June 18, 2024

Playback singer Alka Yagnik left her fans shocked on June 18 after she revealed that she has been diagnosed with a rare form of hearing loss. Here are other singers who have suffered hearing loss:

Grammy Award winner, had once revealed that he suffers from tinnitus and that the problem continues to worsen. Tinnitus is the medical term for 'hearing' noises in your ears. In an interview he also stated that frequent tests showed he is suffering from significant hearing loss.

Musician Phil Collins had to end his music career as a result of his hearing loss. Reportedly, the musician uses hearing aids and in an interview, he had stated his problems were caused by stress

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, was diagnosed with tinnitus since the age of 25. The condition is reportedly the result of listening to loud music

76-year-old Brian Johnson suffered with hearing loss. According to media reports, he had claimed that he couldn’t hear the tone of the guitars at all

Musician Pete Townshend was left with hearing loss after decades of playing loud music. He is the co-founder of 'Who', one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson had said in an interview that he was left 'partially deaf' in his right ear at the age of 20

In 2016, musician Sting had also admitted to dealing with hearing loss