Aashadi Wari 2024: Devotees Gather To Worship Palkhi In Pune

By: Amisha Shirgave | July 01, 2024

Aashadi Wari is an annual pilgrimage. It is one of the most prestigious and devotional yatra to Pandharpur. This year, the Wari began on June 28.

All Images by @frame.prakran/Akash Sabale

Wari, in Marathi language translates to 'procession'. This yatra is called as 'Dindi' Thousands of Devotees embark their on foot journey from various cities in Maharashtra. It starts from Alandi.

The Warkaris include devotees of deities, 'Vitthal-Rukumai'. They sing bhajans and engross themselves in complete devotion on their foot journey to Pandharpur, where the lord resides.

Warkaris cover a distance of approx. 250 kilometers on foot, through all the hardships, expressing their devotion to Lord Vithoba.

On June 30, The Palki (Palanquin) containing the 'Padukas' of Saints Dyaneshwar and Tukaram entered Pune. Large crowds were seen worshipping the Palki and chanting 'Vitthal Vithhal Jai Hari Vitthal'

The Warkaris seek blessings at the Vitthal-Rukumai temple in Pandharpur, concluding their 15 day Dindi.

Aashadi Wari has been a age old tradition in Maharashtra and it always will be. This period is considered to be the time of community bonding, spiritual awakening and devotion. With each passing year, the number of Warkaris is multiplying as devotees of all age groups join the Dindi.