9 Places In Pune You Must Visit This Summer

By: Sunanda Singh | April 18, 2024

If you want to explore Pune, this place is the best place to start. Vetal Tekdi is situated in Pune city. The place is known as Vetal Temple, located on the hilltop and covered by greenery, which makes it serene to watch.


Parvati Hill is one of the most famous landmarks in Pune. Goddess Parvati Temple is situated on a hilltop and that is why it is called Parvati Hill.


If you're a history buff, then Shinde Chhatri is a must-visit as it is a memorial to Mahadaji Shinde and well-known for its architecture.


Imagica is a theme park that offers a wide range of entertainment, food, shopping and other activities. It's definitely worth a visit this summer.


Mulshi Lake is another tourist spot in Pune. It is surrounded by mountains and greenery, which makes it wonderful to watch.

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Talijai Hills is a wildlife reserve that is famous for its serene views. The hill is surrounded by greenery.

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Pashan Lake is also a popular tourist destination. The place is a spot for various birds, such as red-vented bulbul, dove, ashy prinia, and more.


Dehu is the place where Saint Tukaram Maharaj was born. The place is famous for Gatha Mandir.

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Raigad Fort is famous for trekking. This place is also known as the best place for trekking.

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