7 Signs You're Suffering From Boyfriend Sickness

By: Amisha Shirgave | June 18, 2024

Coined by TikTok influencer, Boyfriend sickness describes obsessive behavior in new relationships.

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Although it is called boyfriend sickness, any gender can have this behaviour.

When you enter a new relationship, if you show obsessive behaviour towards your partner, you may be suffering from Boyfriend sickness. Your first sign is that you do not realise your life revolves around this one person you love.

You become completely dependent on them and find it difficult to take independent life decisions anymore.

You start ignoring their red flags and become submissive to their reactions. You will dismiss your opinion and start believing that you partner is always right.

Even when you have them in your life, you start feeling insecure. You begin to feel as if you are not going to enough, no matter what you do.

You begin to neglect your personal goals, you begin to sidetrack your own visions in order to have a successful relationship with your boyfriend. You start loosing your identity.