7 Must Have Items While Stepping Out In Monsoons

By: Rahul M | June 09, 2024

Monsoons have begun and it is essential to have some extra pair of dry clothing in your bag at all times. It is to ensure you get to change into fry clothes if you get drenched in the rain while traveling.

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Rainy season comes with many infections and allergies. Make sure you pills, antiacids and creams that might help you in serious conditions.

Do not forget to have a few waterproof bags to help you keep your belongings dry and safe. It will also be helpful to keep your gadgets dry.

Ofcourse, no monsoon will be complete without a raincoat or an umbrella. This is a daily essential during monsoons.

Gumboots are the best for monsoons.The sterdy material and non-slip soles give you a good grip to walk on wet roads during monsoon. It will prevent you from injuries caused due to slippery roads and also keep your feet dry.

Having regular makeup on wont be enough. You need to have basic water proof make up products in your bag if you don't wish to get patches on your face due to water.

During heavy rains, it can get difficult to travel back home from your place of work. Make sure you have packaged foods in your bag that will suffice your hunger.