7 Indoor Couple Workouts To Practice This Monsoon

By: Rahul M | June 24, 2024

Monsoons are here and if you are unable to attend the gym, you and your partner can find interesting ways to workout at home. Pushups are a great bicep and triceps exercise you can do at home.

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For lower body exercises, you can perform the back to back wall sits and the glute ham raise.

Alternate squats will always make for a good couple workout. You can try variations in squats which can turn into a fun session.

You can go ahead with Planks. They are usually difficult and boring to do by yourself but with your partner to cheer you up, planks can be fun.

Russian Twists will get your core engaged. You can face your backs to each other, pull your legs closer and above from the ground and begin passing weights from sideways.

You can also preform burpees together. You can count each other's reps or even challenge each other to perform a certain set.

Crunches will help you with core and abs. You and your partner can perform crunches in variations and it can be a good indoor workout for the both of you.