7 Healthy Vegetables You Must Include In Your Diet For Weight Loss

By: Rahul M | June 16, 2024

Spinach is a superfood for weight management. It contains low-calorie, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients that benefit health.

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According to research, Mushrooms support reducing body fat and promote weight loss.

Cauliflower contains low-calorie and low-carb, making it ideal for weight loss. However, over-consuming will cause flatulence and bloating.

Broccoli is another healthy vegetable that aids weight loss. Enjoy it as a salad or pair it as a side dish with your meal.

According to a study, capsicum's antioxidant properties increase metabolism and reduce fat loss.

Due to its nutritional properties, cucumber has several health benefits for your body, along with aiding weight loss.

You must include beetroot in your diet for weight management as it contains low-calorie and high-dietary fibre.