7 Easy Steps To Make Immunity-Boosting Masala Chai

By: Amisha Shirgave | July 08, 2024

Who can refuse a cup of hot masala chai when its pouring heavy outside? Did you know that adding a few spices in your chai could make your chai an immunity boosting beverage?

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Add some water in a utensil and keep it on low flame. Start by grating some ginger into it. Ginger is the best immunity booster you can consume.

While the ginger simmers, pound some cardamom and add to it. It enhances the flavor and also has antibacterial properties.

Add some lemon grass stands into the simmering water. Lemon grass has multiple health benefits. Phenols present in it help creating a barrier and protects you in infections.

Add a pinch of cinnamon powder or half a cinnamon stick to the water. Apart from the aroma, it has great anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing infections caused in monsoons.

Add some cloves to this water and let all the spices boil in it. Lower the flame and add some tea powder and sugar as required.

Once the color of the water changes to reddish-brown, add some milk to this mixture and bring it to boil. Your immunity boosting masala chai is ready to serve!