7 Easy & Quick Mango Recipes To Try This Summer At Home

By: Rahul M | April 29, 2024

Mango season is here, which means adding a sweet and juicy delight to your diet. MANGO SHAKE is a thick and creamy beverage option you must have. Just blend 1 cup of mangoes with milk, sugar, and vanilla essence and serve it fresh.

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Who doesn't love AAM RAS? One of the popular dishes to have during the summer, Aam Ras, is a sweet and creamy dish you can easily make at home. Make a puree by blending mango and sugar, refrigerate for some time and serve it with fresh Puri or Paratha.

Mango and Chia seeds are the best foods to include in your summer diet. Make MANGO CHIA PUDDING in a serving jar by adding soaked chia seeds and mango puree and top it off with nuts. Refrigerate the pudding and have fresh, tasty delight.

We all need hydrating and cool drinks for summer, so why not try MANGO LEMONADE? It is a perfect beverage for summer made by adding mango puree in soda water, with some salt, lemon juice, mint leaves, pepper and ice.

MANGO SALAD is a healthy and delicious salad you can opt for this summer. Chop mangoes and mix with your favourite veggies; add roasted nuts, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Give it a gentle mix and serve fresh.

MANGO STICKY RICE is a must-have Thai-styled dessert for your hot weather. Make it at home with sweet coconut sauce, sticky rice and slices of fresh mangoes on the side.

Ice-cream are the best thing to have in the heat wave. Have MANGO ICE-CREAM to beat the heat this season. It's a rich, tasty and yummy dessert to have after a meal.