7 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try This Summer

By: Rahul M | April 30, 2024

While we are struggling with heat waves, our long hair makes it even more difficult to deal with them. The easiest and simplest hairstyle for long hair has to be braids. Just make a tight braid to survive in the hot season.


A sleek bun is best for the summer season. It keeps your hair away from your face and doesn't irritate you.

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Take a Claw Clip and put your hair up. It's the easiest and effortless hairstyle you can do for summer.

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Double Braids takes us back to school days, but it's a fun and easy hair to try in the heat weather. Play around by adding hair accessories and clips.

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Sleek high ponytails are stylish and chic hair looks you can opt for in summer. Make a high ponytail and use hair cream to get the sleek finish.

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High Bun is best for the sweaty days. Long hair can be easily made into a tight bun, which keeps you sweat-free in heat.

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Elevate your long hair by making a Bubble Braid hairstyle. It's a fun and easy hairstyle to try this season.

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