7 Benefits Of Canola Oil For Your Hair & Skin

By: Rahul M | July 05, 2024

Canola Oil is made from the seeds of canola plants. It has several benefits for your skin, including acne prevention.

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Professionals have claimed that canola oil boosts the production of collagen in the body, which gives you youthful and glowing skin.

It contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that can treat itchy, dry and irritated scalp.

Further, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components in canola oil also prevent skin infection and soothe dry and irritated skin.

Canola oil can be an effective remedy to treat sunburn. Additionally, it is great for dry skin and can be used as a moisturiser.

Using canola oil on hair can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair fall.

Lastly, canola oil can help eliminate frizzy hair and enhance hair's shine and health.

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