6 Indian street foods that you must try at least once in your life time

By: Swarna Srikanth | December 21, 2022

Love pani puri or the golgappe? If you are someone who enjoys such street foods from the vendor next door, swipe to virtually soothe your food cravings.

Let's begin with Aamchi Mumbai and its mouth-watering delicacy, Vada Pav. Your Mumbai darshan isn't complete in case you haven't taken a bite of this hot served snack from the city streets. A pro tip to get the best experience of this dish would be to ask the street vendor some powdered garlic chutney.

Who doesn't love aloo or potatoes, huh? After Mumbai's Vada Pav, here's another street food that comes to life with rich potatoes and spices, and that's the craving Aloo Chat which is an ideal pick from Delhi gullies.

In case you love breads and buns, don't miss trying what foodie's love munching, the Dabeli. Despite the pav-based food being originally from Gujarat, you can find it at most streets across India. The subtly sweet gravy filled in the pav, added with some pomegranate seeds and garnished with sev is a perfect bite for those wanting to have a quick and light snack.

How about some healthy yet yummy food? All you need is to walk into the lanes of South India or the streets that specialise in serving South Indian cuisine, there you shall find the hot and spicy dish named 'paniyaram' or 'paddu'.

Rains seem to rhyme with corns, not literally but for the food cravings during the season. The cooked corn or popularly known 'bhutta' is something one must surely try at least once in their life time. Also, this dish is both roasted and boiled, it's all to your taste buds what you would prefer.

Stop right there if you called this to be bhel! Even if it looks similar, this Odisha-based dish is known as the 'Jhal Mari' and is one of the must try street foods from the country.

In case you are looking for some bonus recommendations on Indian street foods, you may also try to enjoy the momos, litti chokha, pav bhaji, mirchi bhajjis and onion pakodas from the khau gully.