5 Big Breakfast Ideas To Keep You Energised For The Next 10 Hours

By: Swarna Srikanth | February 27, 2024

Did you know? February 27 is observed as Big Breakfast Day, highlighting the importance of an early and nutritious meal.

Switch over your light breakfast routine and try something filling and delicious. Take a list of five big breakfast ideas you can try every morning.

Go for a South India Thaali that serves you crispy and soft dosas along with the much-loved combo of Idli-Vada. Enjoy it with a sip of some filter coffee or fresh coconut water.

You may also go for a mouthwatering Gujarati meal to soothe your hunger in the morning. With soft dhoklas, dal, rice, and more, this would comfort your tummy and charge you up. Try it with a small bowl of kheer.

Looking for a non-vegetarian big breakfast idea? We have you covered. You may go for the Egg Biryani which is a proteinous dish to start one's day. Pair it with some curry, curd-based raita to enjoy it better.

Not the person who goes desi on tastebuds? Here's something to surprise you. If you promise to skip munching and midday snacks, start your day with a tomato-based or vegetable-rich pizza. Drink two cups of hot water after your slices done.

One of the basic heavy breakfast ideas include the homely preparation of Roti Sabji paired with a bowl of rice and dal. Enjoy that with a huge glass of lassi to keep yourself set for the next 8-10 hours.