15 Minute Easy Workout Ideas For Busy Routines

By: Amisha Shirgave | May 30, 2024

Jumping Jacks can be a quick workout to get your body warmed up and burn some calories.

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Including squats to your workouts can contribute to muscle building and it can be a great workout that wont consume much of your time if you have a tight routine. You can perform sets of squats anywhere you wish to.

Planks train all your muscles. It mostly focuses on the core, making it more flexible and stronger. It helps in strengthening your upper body too.

Burpees are an effective way to work all your muscles at the same time, saving your time. You can indulge into some sets for burpees within 15 minutes and it can have great results.

Glute Raises will help you strengthen your hamstrings, glute muscles and also help you with hip flexibility.

Lunges can be performed easily, at your comfort and it wont take more than 15 minutes. It will help you train your lower body. These 15 minute exercises are more effective than you think they are.

The easiest 15 minute workout you can do is climbing the stairs. Stretch before your climb so that you don't get a cramp. Climb a minimum of 3 floors in sets and you will have performed your 15 minute workout.