15 Min Easy Workout Without Equipment

By: Rahul M | June 27, 2024

Squats are the best exercise for you to do at home without any equipment's. It helps strengthen your hamstrings and calf muscles.

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Lunges can be done on the spot and without any equipment's. Lunges help to strengthen your glute muscles as well as your hip mobility.

Crunches help in building a strong core. It is easy and quick workout to add in your routine.

Burpees counts for an excellent cardio and it also trains your upper body.

Wall Pushups. If you are new to working out and cannot do pushups, you can go for wall push ups. They will help you build triceps and biceps.

Planks should be included in your short workout plan as they train every muscle set in your body.

Spot jogging can be an essential warm up and can help you with your cardio.