This AI-generated image shows gloomy reality of Mumbai in 2060

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 01, 2023

An AI created image shows how Mumbai city would look like in year 2060

The image was posted on Reddit by one Srihari stan on Mumbai subreddit

AI-generated image reveals a dystopian cityscape, where towering piles of garbage line the streets, and smog obscures the skyline

The future Mumbai appears to be a city of stark inequality, with pockets of affluence and luxury surrounded by sprawling slums and poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Despite efforts to curb pollution, the AI's projection for Mumbai shows that the city remains heavily polluted, with toxic air and water posing a serious threat to human health.

As the population grows, Mumbai's AI-generated image portrays a city struggling to cope with the strain of millions of inhabitants, leading to crowded living conditions and overstretched infrastructure.

Mumbai's future looks bleak as the city grapples with increasing levels of garbage, pollution and worsening inequality, leaving marginalized communities to bear the brunt of environmental degradation.