Wrinkles: Stop doing these things to age slowly

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 31, 2023

As we grow, wrinkles become part of our face and the skin naturally becomes drier, thinner and less elastic. However, if you have start to wrinkle before your time, it's a concern. Here are 6 things that are big No if you want to age slowly from your face

Vitamin deficiencies: Dietary deficiencies can cause breakouts, rashes, dry skin and wrinkles before time. Include vitamin C, D, B, E, and K in your diet

Sun exposure: If you are exposed to sunlight, the UV rays can hit deepest layers of your skin and break down collagen, which makes the skin less flexible. Wear sunscreen even if you are not stepping out of your home

Smoking and alcohol: Both aid to skin ageing. Alcohol dries out the skin and as a result it loses strength and flexibility. Quit smoking and drinking to look forever young

Watch your facial movements: It is called squinting which are active facial movements like furrowing your brows which can contribute to wrinkles. This can squeeze the skin cells and their suppleness

Stress: Stress and growing age, both are responsible for producing less collagen which can cause inflammation. Persistent brow furrowing added by stress can cause wrinkles

Lack of sleep: This is the primary reason which impacts skin's healing process. It is important to have enough sleep to retain moisture as well as the pH level. This causes insufficient collagen formation, which can add to wrinkles

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