World Ovarian Cancer Day 2023: From Manisha Koirala to Olympian Shannon Miller; 5 celebrities who survived the deadly disease

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 07, 2023

World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8 raises awareness about the disease. Ovarian cancer refers to any cancerous growth that begins in the ovaries, the organs that produce eggs in females


Kathy Bates: Acclaimed American actor was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003 and battled it into remission, which happened in 2004

Cobie Smulders: 'How I Met Your Mother' actor was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 25 and is currently in remission after seeking treatment that required multiple surgeries

Manisha Koirala: Bollywood star was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 and she successfully overcame it and was declared cancer-free in 2013

Brandi Maxiell: Reality TV star was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 24. After undergoing surgery and many chemotherapy treatments, she was declared cancer-free in 2008

Seven-Time Olympic Medalist Gymnast Shannon Miller: was diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer in 2011, at age 33. She persevered through nine weeks of chemotherapy. As a survivor today, she has recounted her struggles with treatment as it related to her fertility and family planning, as well as her hardships while undergoing chemotherapy. She travels the country sharing her cancer story while encouraging women to take care of themselves

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