World Contraception Day 2023: 7 Contraception Methods To Prevent Pregnancy

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 25, 2023

World Contraception Day is observed on September 26, every year. Here are 7 contraception methods to prevent pregnancy, ensuring that there is no need for abortion, as every life is precious. Condoms should be used to practice safe sex, prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Female condoms can also, be used

Birth control pills or oral contraceptives: They stop the body from ovulating and also, make it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg

Injectable contraceptives: You need to take hormonal injections every few months to prevent ovulation

Intrauterine devices or IUDs are small and T-shaped devices that are inserted into the uterus by medical practitioners to prevent pregnancy

Emergency contraception: It is also, known as the morning-after pill. It is used to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex or if condom leaks or breaks. But the pill has to be taken in a fixed time interval and as soon as possible after the intercourse

Implantable contraceptives are placed under the skin, and they release hormones that prevent ovulation

Cervical cap: It is a small silicone or latex cup that covers the cervix, blocking sperm from entering the uterus. To be more effective, spermicide has to be used. One needs to have proper knowledge about these contraceptive methods and only after consulting the doctors; one should take an informed decision as to which method is suitable for them

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