What Is Dry Dating? 5 Things To Know About The Popular Dating Trend Of 2023

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 15, 2023

Online dating, slow dating, benching and friends with benefits are few of the dating trends that has emerged in the last decade. While 'Dry Dating' is a trend that is gaining popularity in 2023

Dry dating involves a dating experience that doesn’t involve alcohol

Two people go out for a date but choose to stay sober to focus more on conversation and better assess compatibility with the other person

The first step to dry dating is to let your date know of the idea in the beginning and then proceed to make the plan

Instead of meeting them at a bar, you could catch up over a cup of coffee or a meal

You can also go to a museum, art exhibition and/or stand-up show for the first date

The trend is the most popular dating trend of 2023, as alcohol isn’t a prerequisite when it comes to dating

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