What Happens To Your Body After Consuming Alcohol?

By: Rahul M | May 21, 2024

In the recent light of news coming from Pune where a 17 year old minor mowed down a couple on bike, it has now come forth that the minor was under alcohol influence. Do you know what happens to you body when you consume alcohol?

Everything in moderation! This is the best mantra to apply to your life, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. It is recommended to not have alcohol since it has severe side effects on your body in the long run, but even if occasionally do drink, it is important to now when to stop before you completely lose control of yourself.

Alcohol is addictive and affects your body just like other drugs do. If you're an occasional drinker, you might feel effects like nausea, hangover, weakness but if you are drinking regularly, the effects of it will gradually begin to show.

Short- term effects of alcohol include imbalance of body, alcohol poisoning, hangover etc. If you know your limit of alcohol intake, you probably might not get a hangover but in most cases, people end up over drinking and loose control.

Alcohol addiction has led to destruction of lives and families. The adrenaline rush and the euphoric feelin after drinking alcohol might get you in trouble for a long time. Refrain from drinking and driving. Take a cab back home if you're drinking outside.

It is necessary to educate yourself about the effects of consuming alcohol and be a responsible adult. Alcohol can be fun but it can also be life-threating, either to you or for somebody else.