Warning pet owners! 4 popular dog toys you must not bring home for your furry friend

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 27, 2023

Is your pet in danger by the toy you gifted it? A doctor from the River Road Veterinary Clinic, United States, released a warning mentioning four toys that are the most dangerous for any doggo.

The toys listed by the vet are quite popular and might be found at your homes. This makes it even more concerning and necessary to eliminate the purported fun tool from the reach of your furry friend.

Rubber balls: This seems to be one of the popular options for pooches, but experts alert pet owners and hint that it may lead to tissue damage.


Marrow bones: Your doggos might find these interesting but it may be life threatening for them if they start considering it to be a real bone than a mere playing tool. The warning by the healthcare hints at this toy increasing pancreatitis risk in sensitive dogs.


Rawhide: Rawhide bones are similar to marrow bones - they can easily splinter off and cause destruction inside your pet. When swallowed, these toys swell up inside the stomach and lead to digestive and anal health concerns, says the clinic.


What else is something that you must avoid while having a fun game with your pet dog?


Small toys: Size matters! Too small can be too dangerous as the doggo might chew them up into its tummy and face poor consequences.


With that said, are you being made feel that there's hardly any toy for your pet to enjoy? No, let your pet not be worried as there are other alternative to embrace.


You may go the foodie way and play around with your dog. Non-toxic chew bite toys are considered to be made of non-hazardous substances that promise to be non-abrasive and safe.


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