Want to attend a party, but feeling shy?Here are 7 ways to overcome all inhibitions

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 30, 2022

Let go off all societal pressure: Instead of thinking that all are watching you when you attend a party and be socially conscious; think you are going there to have a great time and make the most out of it by just being yourself

Have conversation topics ready in your head: so that you don't feel awkward and can communicate easily with people at the party

Start with giving compliments: to a person on how they dress or look to begin a conversation

Be a good listener: Let people speak about their profession, passion, hobbies and then, you can join the conversation by showing your enthusiasm in whatever they are talking about

Watch carefully: Amongst people, there may be someone who is just like you holding a glass of their favourite drink and standing alone; you may want to approach that person making them comfortable and at the same time, engaging in meaningful conversation. This will level up your confidence

Avoid yes-no type questions: Indulge in asking open ended questions which will allow conversation to just flow

Enjoy your drink: Don't stress, just relax. Grab your favourite drink and enjoy it. Let the ambience and atmosphere of the party set in

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