Shah Rukh Khan's Birthday Special: 7 Things Everyone Needs To Learn From The Bollywood King To Be Successful In Life

By: Chhaya Gupta | November 02, 2023

Its Shah Rukh Khan's 58th birthday today that is November 2. 'Age is just a number' holds true for the 'Jawan' actor. The actor never fails to amaze with his looks, acting, wit and humble attitude. While there are innumberable things one can learn from 'King Khan', we decided to include 7 significant things that can be life lessons for each one of us, take a look:

Being humble: When you reach greater heights in life, don't let arrogance seep into your behaviour. Kindness is never a bad thing and staying down-to-earth helps you stay grounded as well as pushes you to achieve more in life instead of thinking 'I am great' or 'I am everything.' Also society will always remember you for your humble behaviour and how you made them feel like the humble Shah Rukh Khan

Great sense of humour and ability to turn criticism into a funny banter is something everyone of us should learn from 'King Khan'. One need to learn not to take life seriously and take people's opinion of you to heart. Learn to laugh at yourself which demotivates the person who is trying to bring you down

Family time is important: Don't let your hectic schedule interfere in your quality time with your family. Family should always be your priority just like SRK. Try to maintain a work-life balance and devote time to family because memories remain forever, even when people don't (ageing parents)

Focused: SRK is highly committed to all his work that he do and he has mentioned this multiple times in his interviews. He gives his whole heart and sweat for his every project and movies. The workholic actor believes that remaining focused always yield good results

Hard-working: 'Pathaan' actor is a workaholic, though you may not want to be a workaholic, it is important to be dedicated towards your work because that's the road to success in life instead of remaining mediocre. You don't need to be a multi-tasker but manage multiple tasks at specific times giving your best in whatever you do and in each and every task

Creating own kingdom from scratch: Bollywood King has nothing when he started. He was a common man with no support or family inheritance and riches. He strived hard, toiled a lot, faced rejections, worked in TV soaps like Circus and after all that, he landed on getting good projects in film industry like Darr follwed by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). His life story can be a major inspiration for all of us to 'Believe in youself' and do whatever is best in our capacities to gain victory

Well-read person: Intellectual Shah Rukh Khan has received five honorary doctorates from world class universities like The University of Law and La Trobe University and others for his social work and his contribution to the Indian film industry and global reach. Let us believe we all can follow SRK's footsteps for excellence and growth in our lives

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