Remembering Artist Pablo Gargallo On His Death Anniversary

By: Swarna Srikanth | December 27, 2023

Pablo Gargallo, also known as Pau, marks his death anniversary this Thursday. The 1881-born artist passed away on December 28, 1934.

Not to be confused with Pablo Picasso, Gargallo was another Spanish painter and sculptor among the first artists of the era.

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On this day, let's remember him and learn about some of his noteworthy works.

The sculptor is mainly known for his Olympic salute (Saludo OlĂ­mpico) which stands at the the entrance of the Pablo Gargallo Museum in Zaragoza, Spain.

The museum which is in a Renaissance-style palace pays tribute to the Spanish sculptor and serves as a must-visit place for art lovers and history enthusiasts as it displays original artworks by him.

Gargallo did go for complete abstract representations and rather kept alive the Cubist techniques. One must know that he was one of the first to work in iron.

It is said that he influenced and introduced well-known artist Pablo Picasso to metal sculpture.

During the last years of his life, Gargallo resided in Paris and continued working on metal. He was 53 when he breathed his last in Reus, Spain and succumbed to pneumonia.

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