Quit These 7 Toxic Money Habits For A Better Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 01, 2023

Stop spending your entire paycheque! Spending more than you earn can lead to debt and financial stress. Create a budget and stick to it

Neglecting health and life insurance is a big no -no. Adulting means taking some responsibilities and planning your future life and be prepared for all the good times or bad times. You cannot skip having a health insurance and life insurance

Using credit card for daily expenses is something that you need to quit as soon as possible. Ignoring your debt or only making minimum payments can lead to long-term financial strain

Taking loans for vacation or luxury purchases is something you really need to quit. Who doesn't like to travel or shop, but that shouldn't bother your pockets. Make sure to book early to get cheaper deals and stop yourself from buying luxury items when you do not need them

Saving too much by sacrificing wants is another thing that you need to quit! No one is stopping you from living your life, just be clear to save and spend carefully. But, there is no need to save too much in the present and live in misery

Keeping money in low-yield savings account is something you need to stop. Learn about investment options and start building a diversified portfolio to make your money work for you

Friendship and family is where money needs to be handled very carefully. Do not lending money to others by jeopardizing your own finances. Learn to say NO!

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