Pygmy Hippo Day: Remember the endangered species with these 5 amazing facts about them

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 07, 2023

April 8 is observed as Pygmy Hippo Day and it aims to raise awareness about the endangered species of hippos.

Bali Safari Marine Park

Fact 1: A pygmy hippo is the smaller cousin of a hippopotamus.

San Diego Zoo

Fact 2: They are an endangered species that are rapidly moving towards extinction.

Fact 3: No body shaming, but... Pygmy hippos are about half the height of a hippopotamus and weigh less than a quarter of a full-sized hippo.

San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

Fact 4: Weight loss goals going for a toss? The Pygmy hippo babies can put on a lot of weight quickly.

Fact 5: Pygmy hippos are nocturnal animals, just like the one reading this, huh?

Bali Safari Marine Park