Purple Bra Day 2023: Why It Is Celebrated & Its Importance

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 18, 2023

Purple Bra Day is celebrated every year on September 18 to create awareness about breast cancer and encourage people to donate for the cause

Pics credit: Twitter- Kevan Tan

On this day, people wear a purple bra on top of their clothing to show their support for breast cancer patients and they volunteer to raise funds; which also, includes men

Pics credit: Twitter: Kevan Tan

How do you identify breast cancer symptoms? It includes swelling and thickening of the breast and discharge from the nipples

Cure: Mastectomy is performed to remove whole breast tissue to treat breast cancer or lumpectomy is done to remove only the tumour; but that depends on the severity of the disease

Breasts do start growing once removed but breast reconstruction is required to get the exact shape

Prevention: Regular screening reduces death risk of breast cancer

Surprising Facts: 1. Breast cancer can also, occur in 1 in 1,000 in men

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2. Breast cancer is also, known as 'Nun's Disease' because women who have never had children are at a greater risk of developing it

3. Breast cancer is also seen in animals like cats and dogs

Information source: National Day

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