12 places you should never take your crush on a first date

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 06, 2023

We all love watching Hollywood rom-coms and movie romance or ice skating, but in real life, this may be a biggest put off for a girl or even for a boy if you ask him to go for a movie or a mall. Here are some other places which you should definitely avoid for your first date

The beach: This sounds so romantic but it's not a good idea

A club: How would you talk? Where the conversation will go when you to talk? Unless you don't intend to talk at all, you can surely go to a club for your first date

Watching football or cricket on TV: Even if you both are cricket fans, it's not a good idea. You may enjoy watching the match together but conversation between you too is a question

A wedding: This is best when you two are in a relationship. It will be too awkward to answer the same question, 'how did you two meet' to all the relatives and friends. So, avoid it

A zoo: If you have children, then yes, zoo is a good place. It's also a polarising place; some people are okay and some are not

An amusement park: No one wants your date to through up on you or vice versa. It's pretty bad idea

Your home: Why? Make an effort and get up from your couch. Calling someone home for first date is really uncomfortable

The mall: No, you can't do that. Why would you want to spend time checking out the mall and not talk

Temple/church/religious event: This one can even be offensive if it goes against your date's religious beliefs. So, tread carefully

A protest/demonstration/political event: Your inner activist can fight alone on some other occasions. First date is not one of them

Trash picking: You may be environmentally conscious but your date may not like to do it with the same enthusiasm on the first date

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