National Girl Child Day: 5 Books You Must Read To Mark This Occasion

By: Rahul M | January 23, 2024

India observes Girl Child Day on January 24 intending to spread public awareness about inequities that girls face in society and facilitate change.

On this national day, we recommend you to browse through a few books throwing light on the struggles and challenges of females, their journey towards progress and identity...

The book Disappearing Daughters is a foreword by APJ Abdul Kalam that inks the thoughts of author Gita Aravamudan on the tragedy of female infanticide.


Next on the list is a book that talks about challenging stereotypes. Jessica Spanyol's piece 'Rosa Loves Cars' promotes gender equality and shuns the idea of making hobbies based on one's gender.


Indian author Aparna Jain's book taking inspiration from 50+ real stories Savitribai Phule, Chand Bibi, Mirnalini Sarabhai, and Shah Bano Begum, records what girl children go threw in their lives since childhood.


Noble Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai's book is considered one of the top picks while discussing the theme of girls education and their rights. You may add it to your reading list.

A book that will make you dive deep into your thoughts and reflect on the experiences the girls in India go through is something you can browse on this national day dedicated to girl child.