Nail Health: 8 Easy Tips To Keep Your Nails Clean And Healthy

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 04, 2023

Wash your hands frequently: Washing your hands with soap or water will prevent dirt, bacteria, and germs from accumulating under your nails

Trim and shape them regularly: Trimming your nail time to time will keep them in shape. You can use a nail clipper to trim them and a finer to give them a shape. Don’t cut them too short to avoid in grown nails

Don’t bite your nails: It can damage your nails and cuticles permanently. Biting your nails can induce germs in your mouth

Moisturise your cuticles: Moisturise the cuticles with oil or cream to keep them soft. Regular moisturising will make your nails soft and prevent them from becoming dray and cracked

Wear gloves for household chores: It may be difficult but wearing gloves when doing household chores like cleaning or gardening, it is advisable to wear gloves to protect your nails from chemicals and dirt

Choose a right nail polish: High-quality product is what experts recommend when it comes to your skin and nail health. Make sure you give your nails break between polish application and keeping them without polish to let them breath

Keep monitoring your nail health: Pay attention to your nails when they show any change. Don’t ignore when you see the changes in colour or texture, it could be an underlying issue. Consult a dermatologist

Healthy diet: Yes, diet does pay a huge role to keep your nails healthy. A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can promote nail health. Biotin, protein, and zinc are some of the nutrients that will keep your nails healthy

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