Mumbai: Artist recreates Rogan art of Kachchh with new design

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 05, 2023

47 A at Khotachiwadi is exhibiting an Art and Craft show that is all about transforming an age-old skill into the new design. In pic: Kharad Weaving

Kachchh is today a rich haven for craft and textiles. Aptly titled 'Kachchh Born Again' the show is curated by Satish Reddy

Rogan Art by Rizwan Khatri-Rogan is a complex process of applying oil-based paint, made from boiled castor oil and natural colour pigments, onto the textile

Rizwan, a traditional Rogan artist from Kachchh, felt the need to bring an element of play and contemporary expression to his craft

Metal Craft by Aafasil - who uses old copper bells to create lamps, sculptures and a unique tangram game

Brass Cutlery by Dhaj - they seek inspiration from old objects, and documentaries of how people ate back in the day and create sketches to share with the artists who then recreate stunning cutlery using old material and technique

Wool felting. From June 10- July 9, 11-7 daily, except Monday

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