Monsoon health: 6 Food You Should Not Eat During Rainy Season To Avoid Unwanted Illness

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 08, 2023

During the monsoon season, it's essential to be mindful of food safety and hygiene due to the increased humidity and dampness, which create an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Chef Prabjyot of InSiViA Hospitality shares a list of foods to avoid during the monsoon, along with reasons to consider

Raw and Leafy Vegetables: The moisture in the air during the monsoon makes raw and leafy vegetables more prone to insects and pests, accelerating germ growth and contamination. Thoroughly wash these vegetables to minimise the risk of infections and foodborne illnesses

Street Food and Chaat: Street food stalls often lack proper hygiene practices, making them risky during the monsoon. Chutneys and sauces used in these dishes can be potential sources of bacteria. Choose homemade meals or hygienic restaurants when indulging in street food and chaat

Street Kulfi and Ice Creams: Vendors may use questionable water sources during the rainy season, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases. Opt for ice creams and kulfis from trusted establishments that prioritize water safety and hygiene

Unpacked Flour: The dampness in the air during the monsoon attracts insects and pests to unpacked flour and besan, which can contaminate these food items. Store flour and besan in airtight containers and discard infested packets to ensure food safety

Raw Sprouts: The humid climate of the monsoon promotes bacterial growth on raw sprouts, making them risky to consume. Instead, opt for steamed or cooked sprouts, as cooking helps eliminate harmful bacteria and reduces the chances of falling ill

Pre-cut Fruits and Vegetables: Improper handling and storage of pre-cut fruits and vegetables increase the risk of bacterial contamination during the monsoon. Purchase freshly cut produce or prepare them at home to minimize the possibility of foodborne diseases

Additionally, during the monsoon, consume tamarind, lemon, chutney, and pickles in moderation, as they can contribute to bloating and indigestion. Colas and energy drinks should be avoided as they can further dehydrate your body

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